Coco Gauff vs. Iga Swiatek result: World No. 1 wins second French Open title in dominating match against Gauff

Iga Swiatek continues her dominance in the world of tennis.

For the second time in her young tennis career, Swiatek won the French Open title by defeating No. 23 Coco Gauff in straight sets (6-1, 6-3) to be named the French Open women’s singles champion. Garros 2022.

The world No. 1 established early on Saturday that she was on her A-game. She won each of the first four games before Gauff won the first game. Swiatek won the next two matches to easily win the first set 6-1.

Gauff won the first two games of the second set, but Swiatek bounced back, winning five straight and finishing Gauff in game nine to claim his second French Open title at just 21.

In addition to his second Grand Slam victory, Swiatek extended his winning streak to 35tying Venus Williams for the longest winning streak since 2000.

Gauff will have one more chance to leave Roland Garros as French Open champion, when she plays the women’s doubles final on Monday with Jessica Pegula against Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic.

The Sporting News followed live score updates and highlights for Coco Gauff v Iga Swiatek on Saturday. Follow the complete results of the women’s singles final of Roland-Garros 2022.

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Scoring of Coco Gauff against Iga Swiatek

1 2
Iga Swiatek 6 6
Coco Gauff 1 3

Coco Gauff vs Iga Swiatek live updates, French Open 2022 highlights

GAUFF 3-6 *SWIATEK: The first point goes to Swiatek after a backhand from Gauff. Gauff drops the next point right in the line to tie the game at 15 all. Swiatek surprises Gauff on the next point with a backhand and makes it 30-15. Gauff’s next comeback goes over the baseline and Swiatek moves to match point at 40-15. Gauff’s comeback after serve was over and Swiatek won his second French Open title.

*GAUFF 3-5 SWIATEK: Gauff takes a 15-love lead but has two more unforced errors in the net from his forehand. She ties it 30-all and scores an ace to take a 40-30 lead. Swiatek returns a serve with a powerful backhand to send the game to two. A backhand to the net and another out by Swiatek give Gauff the game.

GAUFF 2-5 *SWIATEK: Gauff takes the love 15 advantage and returns a smash attempt at the next point, but Swiatek sends in his second smash to tie the score at 15 all. Swiatek hits the net, but Gauff sends in the next point to tie the score at 30. Gauff had open ground on the forehand, but missed and touched the net to give Swiatek the 40-30 lead, and Swiatek laces a perfect backhand on the sidelines to go one game away from winning his second French Open.

*GAUFF 2-4 SWIATEK: Gauff hits two shots into the net to fall behind Love 30 at the start of game six. Swiatek’s shot makes it 15-30, but his next backhand on Gauff’s serve remains untouched on the court. Gauff returns a smash from Swiatek and nearly lands him, but it’s just past the baseline to give Swiatek the breaking point.

GAUFF 2-3 *SWIATEK: A good backhand from Swiatek and then back-to-back points at the net from Gauff gave Swiatek a 40-love lead in Game 5. She finishes it with a forehand to the back corner to take her first lead over Gauff in the second set after falling 2-0 behind.

*GAUFF 2-2 SWIATEK: Gauff first hits the net with a forehand then attempts a bunt on Swiatek, but she comes back with a point on another strong backhand. She has her third double fault to give Swiatek the break point 15-40 and hits him as Swiatek evens the set.

GAUFF 2-1 *SWIATEK: Swiatek gets back on track and holds the serve, ending game three with a forehand to get within one game of Gauff in the set.

*GAUFF 2-0 SWIATEK: Gauff starts game two with an ace, and Swiatek hits the next serve into the net as Gauff takes a 30-love lead. Swiatek recovers a point before hitting a backhand on net to give Gauff 40-15. Gauff gives the first game point into the net, but finishes the next point with a hard right forehand from Swiatek to take a 2-0 lead in set number two.

GAUFF 1-0 *SWIATEK: Gauff rushes to a break point of 15-40, his first break point of the match, after Swiatek hits the net with a backhand. Swiatek hits his first return after serve and Gauff wins the break.


*GAUFF 1-6 SWIATEK: Gauff takes the first point before Swiatek takes a point with a strong forehand, takes the lead with an errant forehand from Gauff and moves towards the set point with another perfect shot in the corner. Gauff moves it to 30-40 but hits a backhand as Swiatek takes the first set.

GAUFF 1-5 *SWIATEK: On 30 all, Swiatek catches Gauff leaning left and fires a forehand to his right to reach the play spot, then threads the needle with a forehand that hits the back corner of the field to take a play away from the first-place winner. set.

*GAUFF 1-4 SWIATEK: Gauff takes an early 30 love advantage over Swiatek, but she hits the net with a return and then a double fault to level the score at 30 all, and the two trade to reach a second two. Gauff takes advantage of a backhand and Swiatek’s first return is out. Gauff wins her first game of the game.

GAUFF 0-4 *SWIATEK: Swiatek makes quick work of game four as Gauff hits serve 40-15.

*GAUFF 0-3 SWIATEK: Gauff takes an early 15-0 lead but hits the net on consecutive runs to fall behind. Another powerful forehand from Swiatek gives the world No. 1 her second break point opportunity. Both break point returns go over the baseline to bring Game 3 to two. They trade points on the first three chances before Gauff hits two. Swiatek now leads with a double break.

GAUFF 0-2 *SWIATEK: After a pair of unforced errors by both to make it 15 all, Gauff has a solid backhand to take a 15-30 lead. A drop volley from Swiatek brings the score to 30 all and a shot beyond the baseline from Gauff gives Swiatek a chance to score a play point, but Gauff fires another backhand that sends the game to two. Swiatek fires an ace to gain an advantage, leans Gauff left on the next serve and sends a forehand across the open court on the right to win game two.

*GAUFF 0-1 SWIATEK: The net was not kind to Gauff in her service game as she hit it twice and double faulted. The final point goes too far over the baseline and Swiatek takes the break to win the opener.

BEGINNING: Gauff will serve to start the Roland-Garros final.

9:02 p.m. ET: The two tennis stars step out ahead of their 2022 French Open final match.

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