OPPO’s Air Glass previews what Google AR hopes to achieve

This week’s Augmented World Expo showcased many early technologies that are technically “on sale”, but are really meant as proof of concept that will improve with each generation. Over $1,000 worth of VR and AR rigs that look like motherships or the thickest glasses of your grandparents on steroids; haptic vests that hurt you when hit in-game; 3D or holographic screens intended to replace traditional monitors; and AR sunglasses that show your workout info like pace and time as you run.

Once the doors to the AWE show opened, I headed straight for the OPPO booth. The Chinese brand Android announced last week that it show off its AR technology in North America for the first time, and I was intrigued. For starters, its augmented reality technology only works with OPPO phones and the OPPO smartwatch, which do not sell here; could this signal OPPO’s plans to expand into the US? Also, I wanted to see what a “consumer-ready” smart glass device looks like since OPPO Air Glass went on sale in China this year.

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