Nuance? In this starter market? – Tech Crunch

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh, human take on this week’s startup news and trends. To receive this in your inbox, subscribe here. Of black swan notes and heart to Heart at not-so-subtle emails by asking for official confirmations that your startup is indeed earning, investors have a lot to say about the slowdown. Yet … [Read more…]

Fashion’s love of tech has yet to move the needle on sustainability

The fashion industry is often accused of ignoring new technologies and then embracing them when they become mainstream (and sometimes claiming that they have always been cutting-edge innovators). This is certainly the case with the web3, where many brands have tried NFT, metaverse activations and cryptocurrenciesbut analysts now suspect that big luxury brands are quietly … [Read more…]

S&P 500 Earnings: Future Estimate Jumps – The Report “Inflation Vs. Recession Risk Market

mixmotive/iStock Editorial via Getty Images It’s like we’re battling the mythical nine-headed hydra, but with three heads, one being inflation, two being recession, and the third being “how long can S&P 500 earnings estimates hold?” With the May 22 job count this morning, it seems almost no one mentioned that the “average hourly wage” was … [Read more…]